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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Crayon Railroad Games

The Ladyfaire, my wife, got me seriously interested in playing the line of railroad board games put out by Mayfair since she loves them, and it behooves me to get involved as well. And they are excellent games.

This is proven by the long line of similar games put out by Mayfair.

Eurorails, Australian Rails (we do not have), Empire Builder (North America), British Rails, Nippon Rails (those islands sure are narrow), India Rails, and Iron Dragon (the fantasy world version) are all excellent games.

You get a waxed map of puzzle-cut and very heavy cardboard that has a kajillion points on it. Each point shows Forrest, Mountains. Alpine Mountains (really tall and expensive), Plains, and so forth. Rivers are bright blue lines. All these points have different costs to build from one to the other.

And you get to use special, erasable, crayons to draw on the map! Seeing your railnet grow is a great part of the fun.

You build a railroad to another city, pick up a load in one city, and drop it off, and collect your money. Then you do it over again.

We won't get more in depth now, but these are some of our favorite games. Any other players out there?


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