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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Grandma Simpson: R.I.P.

I don't really want to write this, and not just because it would be great to take the event back, but it feels cheapening, but then she deserves a tribute.

So in short, my grandmother recently passed on. She was the last of my grandparents to do so. Thankfully, it was quick.

But her life was long and I think well-lived.

She had five children, including my mother.

And four husbands, although, she did not divorce any of them (although she might have threatened to do so more than once.) Mr. Law was an older man she married and had her first child with him, and then my Grandfather Clarence Simpson who was then a big, boisterous man that I liked and she spent most of her years with him, and then Mr. Raymond, a fine gentleman, and finally Mr. Cope, a Southern good 'ol boy from whom I have a nice watch that requires turning to keep it going which he gave to me after he could not turn it anymore.

I liked all that I met, and I expect I would have enjoyed meeting Mr. Law but that was long ago.

And that's another thing. She remembered her much-loved father coming home with his first black Model T. I think she was twelve (maybe), and she lived to see the new Millenium, personal computers, the fall of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union, the Shuttle, and the Apollo Moon Landing.

Eventful times indeed.

And she had tons of stories about all the people she had known, and they were a small horde. The stories wound together in a way that made them hard to follow, but she remembered clearly.

She was a bit of a rolling stone. Michigan, Alabama, Florida all housed her energetic spirit.

I remember thinking at age twelve that her at age sixty-five could almost walk me into the ground.

And I would not want to forget her excellent cooking. I told her at one holiday meal something like "this meal is the perfect meal." And perfection in cookery is very difficult because its an area of small, forgivable mistakes. So, I'd say she had a professional skill at cooking.

She almost reached ninety. I wish I'd spent more of that time with her. See you in Heaven, Grandma.


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