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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Life in General

I'm experimenting with starting a new blog today. Welcome all.

Also, I have dropped the toddler, Mr. C, off at daycare, and am watching over the babe-in-arms who sleeps in the baby carrier as I type.

Its wet outside, but that's Tennessee. Maybe, it will be dry enough later for me to drag a fallen pine tree that I chopped up with my new electric chainsaw down to the hole in the ground across the road that is our dump.

Need to work on revising my novel more later. The adventures of my hero as he guides a bunch of alien city slickers down a dinosaur-infested beach need some more specific details to ground it more.

But first, I want to keep on writing up the game setting for my Steampunk world for a RPG. Yes, I'm a semi-pro writer, I guess. Just getting started, and all.

And as a SAHD, Stay-at-home Dad, I need to clean the house up some. Toddlers are a force of chaos, take my word for it.

That's probably all I'm blogging for today. Probably mention some favorite other bloggers tomorrow, and get into more writing and politics.



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