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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Politics: Libertarianism

Libertarianism is the philosophy of the adolescent mind with its desire for cheap certainties.

And yet, I don't really dislike the philosophy. At fifteen years of age, I was one.

It has a simple clarity that would make any follower of this idea a foreign policy and domestic policy expert able to solve the problems of America better than all those people on TV with their Masters degree in International Relations. And who would not want to be an expert with the truth to solve Humanities aches and pains? And it is true that to paraphrase and twist Cicero, and my brother, there are some things so stupid that only someone with a Masters in Int'l Relations is going to believe them.

All you have to do is realize that the government's only moral concern is to prevent the initiatory use of force or fraud upon another human being. This means that the whole mess of the Welfare State can be tossed overboard, the Post Office, about half of the Cabinet Officers and their Departments, and so on.

A moderate Libertarian tends to allow taxes for national defense, the patents and copyrights, and stopping internal criminal behavior. The more extreme want voluntary taxation, or simply doing away with government.

I sympathize, and I even agree with a lot of it, but folks, the world is not that simple. If it was, we'd already be libertarians, and don't talk to me of Iceland because if libertarianism was truly the right and true way it claims to be, it would have more than one example, and it would be able to survive its enemies better.


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