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Thursday, April 22, 2004

Role-playing Games

For those in the know, RPG's (not Rocket-powered Grenades) are a great deal of fun and frustration. We will be talking more about that later, but for now, my list of really cool RPG's.

1. Champions 4th Ed.: Fly around with a cape, shoot energy blasts, and save the city from the Destroyer. Plus, it has a fully customizable chargen (character generation) system. There are later versions of this now OOP game, but I'm not familiar with them.

2. Mage: The Ascension: Reality is a collective dream, and you are one of the few who can enforce your will on that dream. But, it pays to be subtle because the mass of Sleepers don't like to be jostled.

3. Multiverser: The Game: Every story is true somewhere in the Multiverse, and your PC (player character) gets to travel to all these weird universes. Its nice because, one week you can be playing superheroes, and the next investigating the Unknown Ones, and the next dodging the Red Baron's machine gun fire as you try to take what you learned about flying a hyperspace starship, and apply it to flying a canvas-winged biplane. As an experienced player and gamemaster, I like not being stuck in one genre forever, or at least for too long (you can stay in one universe, at least until your PC gets killed and "'verses out" to another universe.)

I'll talk about a couple others later.


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