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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Writing: Goals

I've just finished all I can do for now on my Wolves PDF. And I've clarified an issue on my Starsong Systems world in regards to Gravity Control. (I decided GC was new, and so it was slowly replacing centrifugal spin and frank use of microgravity environments in the asteroid belts in the game setting for Starsong Systems).

Its been requested that my World A Week article have the multidimensional traveller-hero visit a world where women are chauvinist pigs. An interesting idea, and we will see.

I need to revise my Worldwalker novel today, also amidst all the other lists of things to do.

And I've done some updating of my blog, and e-mailing this morning.

I'd like to get the Steampunk setting's timeline moved forward now that I have my source data book from the library; we'll see.

And I need to track down, this afternoon, some friends of my technical data man for Wolves so that I can get him to finish the D20 part of this PDF.

And the nine-week-old is showing signs of waking up and calling for his food.

Busy, busy.


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