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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Book: The Coming Plague and Germs, Biological Warfare, and Vaccinations

I've only looked at these two books, and already I can see that Plague is far superior to Germs.

Germs takes a much more political view of things, but without being broadminded (although the author tries), and he engages in the Devil Theory of Politics. In other words, its those evil Republicans fault.

Plague clearly lays out blame all over the place in clear language, and it shows that the budget cuts for which Germs blames the Republicans were a bad idea, but it also shows that they were an understandable bad idea. In hindsight, cutting the money spent on infectious diseases was a mistake, but when such diseases were retreating to the margins of civilization, and it seemed, I emphasize seemed that they were not coming back, then it made sense to cut the budgets.

Germs tries to tie together all sorts of ideas from philosophy and other subjects, and it does so in language that occasionally descends into obscurity and cant phrases, and he suggests that revolution, even in the United States, will be necessary to save the public. What is it with these lefties? The only tool they have is Revolution of the People, so all problems look the same?

I'd guess, the author of Plague is probably a Democrat, but she is a scientist and a public health specialist first. And she is a detailed, and logical thinker which shows in comparison to the confusion that befogs the other book at times.

Germs does have some good ideas amidst the mess, and so I'll read it, but its author is trying to be a barking moonbat.

Hopefully, this mess of a review helps those interested in public health issues.


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