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Friday, May 14, 2004

Life in General: An Interesting Week

This last week has been excessively interesting. The baby caught some respiratory virus which shot his temp up past the allowable for a preemie, 100.4? or 100.6, and so the next day, we took him to the weekend walk-in clinic next to the hospital, and he got some drugs prescribed.

One was a quarter-teaspoon of an anti-histamine. That night, we had to joggle him every few minutes as his heart rate dropped (registered by his apnea monitor), or his respiration rate dropped. We wonder if that was too much anti-histamine.

It was an exhausting and scary night. When the monitor goes off dozens of times...

Milady stayed up a good part of the night, unable to sleep even though she had work the next day I think, and for my shift, I laid next to him on the cot, and joggled him frequently.

The next day, as recommended, we took him to the Pediatric Clinic.

He was admitted to the hospital. And we spent most of the week there.

Milady took the night shift, and I took the day shift. Meemaw, the Lady's mother, came from Texas, to help us, and was a great help.

The baby got put on a nebulizer treatment of Albuterol, and he continued his Reglan (for reflux--which he should grow out of), and Dr. Davis put him on Prevacid because of the way he arched his back.

Also, we upped the amount of rice cereal in his formula, and found that we had been messing up his feedings.

We had been feeding him from regular nipples, and wondering why he fussed and ate slowly, and I complained about feeding him from 2 to 5 in the morning. And then teh next day he would spend as much as seven hours sleeping, or more. Luckily, this did not go on very long, because he was hardly gaining weight for those two weeks.

It was partially due to lack of diligence on my part in not thinking things through, and examining the situation, but he was hardly getting any food from the nipple, and then after an exhausting struggle, with few calories to show for it, he collapsed into sleep.

We opened up the nipple a great deal with a needle, and then we had to bother the fire out of him. For he was used to a small meal, and then off to sleep. He needed to learn to eat 3-4 oz. of formula at a time.

So a touch of laziness, a teaspoon of lack of thought, and a cup of stupidity mixed with a cup of lack of knowledge made a recipe for malnutrition. But the hospital got that cleared up, and he's seeming to be fine with his breathing.

Whatever he's got is pretty contagious as both me and my wife have got it. Its not too bad for effects, at least on me. It seems to have hit the Lady worse.

We're definitely glad Meemaw is up here to help us. Hope she does not catch this nastiness.

Lastly, Prevacid, ouch, that's expensive. Fifty bucks a month even with insurance.

Well, becoming a parent is a learning experience indeed. Even on your second one.

Night ya'll.


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