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Thursday, May 06, 2004

Life in General: Ladyfaire is back to work

The Ladyfaire is back to work, and upon returning they've changed her hours to a daytime shift. Its not a big deal since I'm finished with classes for now.

The big deal is taking care of two youngun's who both want lots of attention, cleaning the house, making the meals, writing the novel, and having a little interactive time with the Ladyfaire.

I spent much of last night awake because the Babe-in-Arms was up in arms. Every thirty minutes, he would wake up and want more food. He finally finished about three in the morning, and so I stretched out on the floor to get a nap until the Lady got up at four (I could have gone to another room, and taken the easy chair, but I did not want to wake the Baby, and I was being melodramatic and feeling hard put upon). After the Lady got up, I went to bed until nine-thirty when Mr. C, the toddler got up.

Aargh was my last night
The joy of my light
Is subsumed in the fight
And my eyes are no longer bright
Aargh was my last night

"Aargh" by Tadeusz.


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