Tales of Tadeusz

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Life in General:

Mr. C, the toddler, loves my green hardhat which I got when I was a teenager. Baby T enjoys his little booties, but on the downside he had me up most of the night before and my wife this last night because he was fussy, and would not go to sleep.

He's tripping his apnea monitor, a lot less nowadays which is great.

The family hopes to go shopping after the Ladyfaire's nap. We need some food to refill the fridge and the pantry.

Potatoes, and hamburger look cheap. Hmm, maybe I can make a beef stroganoff, sorta like my Mom has made, but I'll use corn meal flower in the gravy.

Hopefully, Ed the Walking Man, can come visit us, and along with entertaining us, finish off the D20 insertions into my Wolves PDF. And then I can send it off to MJ of Multiverser fame for his insertions of Multiverser stuff, and then off to RPG.Net and their Mall so I can make some money.

The house needs cleaning as well. Its a never ending struggle for truth, justice, and a clean floor.


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