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Friday, May 14, 2004

Politics:Abu Gharaib and Nick Berg

The actions of the few at Abu Gharaib are a stain on the honor of America, but they are truly the few. Moreover, while reexamining the practises allowed to get information is worthwhile, we should remember that we are at war.

If you're willing to shoot a man, should you not be willing to inconvenience or harrass him a bit?

And while innocents are gathered in the net, still most are likely to be the sort of men who rose to power under Saddam Hussein. To call them very bad men is to understate things considerably.

The Iraqis have from a quote I've seen and simple logic, little sympathy for that sort of men. For these were the men who tormented them just recently.

And now we move from a stain to an act that reveals the true nature of the death cultists. The vile sawing off the head of Nick Berg, American Jew, by a group of people who then revelled with his head. This was not a beheading done by a single man upon whom rested authority and struck with a clean stroke of an axe, but a gang who lack the courage to do something even as cowardly and as disgusting as this on their own, and the sawing, back and forth, of a knife.

I extend my condolences, as limited a gesture as that is to his family and friends.

Now, lets move forward to what we should do with a hard face, and furious eyes. We need to show the Islamofascists the fear of death, and then we need to kill them. And then once they break and begin to run, we need to press the attack and reap justice for that will be the moment when they are weakest, and we will be moved to pity, but we should remember Nick Berg, Danny Pearl, and the Towers with people jumping to their deaths hand in hand.

There are those who say violence never solves anything. I guess slavery ended due to persuasion, and Hitler gave up after a moving letter from a six-year-old, and Stalin, and Mao, and all the other murderous thugs all gave their resignations because of a Security Council request to "be good little boys now."? No? Hmm, that's strange. Maybe violence solves a few problems after all.


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