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Saturday, May 08, 2004

Roleplaying Gaming

It was a good day for gaming. The Walking Man came over, on a bike, and filled in D20 numbers for many hours on my Wolves dungeon. We're about half-done with that part of the project.

Then my darling ladyfaire played an hour of dungeonhacking geeky goodness before toddling off to bed. She played over-enthused Teenage Adventuress hungry for loot in the cave nearby the town with a real simple home-brew system involving rolling lower than the skill number on 2d6 with potential mods.

The riddle she demolished in less time than it took me to write it down for her. She's like that. Riddles are easy for her.

The garter snake that she fought after she had been shrunk to the size of a mouse was more of a challenge, but eventually she got the bright idea of letting it impale itself on her sword. By the way, the whole fight had her under the influence of a featherlight spell.

And we used a ritual magic system which allowed any magic to work, but the more powerful, the less likely for it to do so.

I think I should add a +1 if a spell is repeated.


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