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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Daily Update

We've started with NetFlix to replace our too expensive TV Satelellite company, and I think its going to work well, but its rough going getting started. "Ella Enchanted" was the ladyfaire's first choice, and as I could have predicted was not all that wondrous. And I chose "Biggles" which I haven't seen, but I'm sure will be less than overwhelming. Its about time travel to WWI and biplanes, and while it will likely be entertaining, it won't be great. Mr. C was happy with his video of his "girlfriend" as we say with a smile, Dora the Explorer.

Why did we pick such shows? I'm not totally sure, but there seems to be some greenhorn effect at work where you can't get what you really want because you don't quite know it, and you have this set of vague and unrealistic expectations to edjumicate.

On my RPOL.net "Worldwalker" game, I have a new player "Shadow" who I'm dumping into a D&D style universe. Since he said he liked D&D that should work. And it will let me playtest Temple of the Dying Sun again.

I'm just a couple thousand words from finishing my rough draft on "Death of a Blogger". Hopefully it will be ready by BlogNashville (I mis-labelled it in the last post, and I'm still not sure I got it right this time).

The Ladyfaire is going shopping today at the garage sales up and down I-20 which precede the grand and glorious celebration of the Mule; that's right, your four-legged portable only when he wants to be grouchy jerk of the animal kingdom has his own day. But there are miniature, jumping mules too, which is kinda cool.

Gigglebox is getting even more mobile, doing a three-point mobilization stance which is fairly fast, if strenuous, and thus extending his range down my thin hallway like kitchen. Mr. C gets to go outside on the balcony and compete with the bumblebees for play space.

I have to get over my grouchiness, and straighten some things out, and get my novel written and my house cleaned, and my tykes further educated.



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