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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Daily Update

Mr. C, the three-year-old got a mass of cavities fixed today, early this morning. I am so relieved everything went well. Anaesthesia is very unnerving for me.

The T and moi have colds. Poor little baby, he doesn't really understand why he's miserable. All he knows is that he is unhappy. Me, I dose up on Nyquil and Ibuprofen.

Of course, I'm also taking care of Mr. C who needs extra TLC after the dentists, and I'm sick, and I need to finish off my novel in time to send it off to Lulu.com in time to get it back for NashvilleBlogcon. And did I mention that the house needs cleaning as well?

But Mr. C got lots of loving, and I solved most of the major problems remaining. Still need to stick in something explaining why people might think the cause of the problem is wild cherry poison--thats for my novel folks.

Yes, a mystery novel-- Death of a Blogger. It will soon be out, I hope. And making brisk sales, I hope.


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