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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Something Political

It took me a while to think of something to say as I am in many ways a laid-back kind of dude when it comes to politics. I don't expect perfection. In fact, if they do a half-decent job, I'm pretty pleased.

But, here's something. At this point, I could see myself voting for Hilary rather than John McCain. And I've never voted presidentially for a Democrat. But, Senator McCain is a problem. He scorns Limbaugh, he plays to the liberal press, he supports the First Amendment limiting McCain-Feingold Law, and now I hear he's in favor of letting Native American tribes re-bury bones from thousands of years ago from back before the aforementioned tribes even existed! Oh, yeah, he's being unhelpful on the judicial filibuster, and earning Hewitt's ire.

Not good.

With Hillary, there might be some realistic appraisal of the world, and she'd be an honest opponent instead of an untrustworthy ally. It might not be all bad having Hillary in office. She might get the Dems to sign on to the GWOT for one.

But I don't think McCain is going to make it to the nomination. There's too much irritation at a smart aleck.


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