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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Blog Reconstruction Update

This is likely to be a semi-major category for a while as I keep mucking about with my site design while learning how to better manage HTML, and duplicate the cool features I see on other sites.

I wish I knew how to make categories, then if someone wanted to read ToT strictly for the Tennessee Writer Updates, or the Hohenwald News or even the excerpts from my mystery novel Death of a Blogger, they would be able to without having to skip past all the other dreariness.

But for now, I've figured out how to keep the "Home This Way", a nice vertical line, and "About Me" on the same line. Now I can have a neat line of links across the top of the page when I decide what I want there.

I may just add my new Eric Net links to that, moving them from their just established position to the right and top of my links. A lot of people seem to put XML feeds up there, but I like my honking big Feedburner button. It adds color to the drab green (green is the color of Tennesse, and the general color of Eric Net, but not all the same tone of green--Tennessee Writer is far more sparkly). Also, I assume some of my readers are like me, and that means not so technically adept, so if they want a feed, a direct line to my brilliance, I need to make the path to the guru's shack clear and bright.

I've also added a local links area, and moved the Chamber of Commerce site from the regular links to that. I'll add more later. Folks, Lewis County needs more websites. Its free, and relatively easy. Look buy my family a meal at Rio (i.e. drop me a twenty), and I'll get you started with a doggone nifty blog which you can use to advertise your store, work on genealogy with, let your relatives in far distant lands know what you are up to, and so forth.

Enough for now....


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