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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Gaming News: World A Week Hosted Here

My Multiverser(r) gaming column devoted to showing different worlds that could be created for the system, and the varied problems a verser could face is located here. However, you will probably have to register to read them.

Most of the Fifty-three, I think, series are free. Whoa, hold up, you say, you're using jargon. Quite true.

Oh, a verser is the player character(PC) in the Multiverser tabletop roleplaying game---Multiverser, get it? It comes from the PC travelling from different universe to different universe.

And series, well, it was a weekly column, hence World a Week, but often enough I did not meet that suggested promise. Most times, it was Part One of World A, then Part Two of World A next week. So P1 and P2 of WAW1=WAW 1 Series 1, unless of course it went up to something like five or six weeks, which I did on occasion.

Anyhoo, I got 53 series done so that I could say, "Now you have a year-week of World A Weeks."

These tales are of Tadeusz, not me, but a doppleganger, an alter ego, I'd say a madman, but well that might characterize me better. And I intend to turn them into a book, I, Tadeusz, but thats another post.


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