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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hohenwald News: Added "Local" Reporter to Blog Roll

I've added Bill Hobbs to my Blogroll to the right under Links. He covers the Mid-state area, and his reporting will be a fine addition to this news portal.

I've met him once, well twice, at BlogNashville Con, a general meeting of bloggers from all over the United States. I believe we had New Yorkers, and a Californian, a fellow from the reality-free zone inside the Beltway, and many others including a number of famous Tennesseans such as Glenn Reynolds, Donald Sensing, and so forth.

Bill is tall, very tall, and since I'm six two, that's saying something. He's thin, and energetic in manner, with intelligent eyes. My first time I was introduced, I was startled and blurted out that I had read his website. He modestly joked to another standing by that he was still getting used to that, meeting his readers, that is.

I have to say, it adds something to the experience of reading a site, to be able to place a mental image of the writer with the site. Hopefully, there will be a Blog Nashville next year.

The second time we met at the very nice Freedom Forum, he gave some helpful advice about selling my novel Death of a Blogger: An Internet Murder Mystery Novel. So here's some helpgul advice in return, keep writing Bill, we'll keep reading.


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