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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hohenwald News: Edward Carroll

My friend and business partner, Edward Carroll, is leaving next week Monday to go to the Naval boot camp. From there he is set to become a submariner. I'd like to thank him for doing something I could not do. Merely climbing aboard a sub floating on the surface would be bad enough for me, but actually spending months below the surface in a hollow metal can?

Its a sad thing that a brilliant and energetic young man like this finds no outlet for his talents in our area. And now that he is leaving, we, the remainder are poorer for it. For doubt not, but people produce more than they consume. Numbers of people are a strength to a community, not a weakness.

Especially, such a man as Ed. Brave and forthright, tough enough to walk thirty miles in a day, a devout Christian, and a fine gamemaster are some of his qualifications. He co-wrote Temple of the Dying Sun d20, helping with the math and as a freelance editor. And he has other projects in the loop which we will continue onward with, in between his spending time in the Abyss guarding against madmen who would disrupt our peaceful Sanctuary, the Arcadia called America.

I'll miss him showing up on my porch to brighten the day with his keen wit, cheerful personality, and forceful arguements. But while we will be poorer for him gone, it is better for the nation as a whole that he goes. And I feel it is better for him as well. Perhaps in the years to come, we can offer more of a choice to the young men and women of this community. A chance to strive for greatness here, or if they choose, to serve elsewhere.

But let that rest for now. Let me just say, thanks Ed, and Vaya con Dios.


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