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Monday, May 16, 2005

Hohenwald News: Graduations of People I Know

I'm not blogging about the many fine candidates who graduated that I don't know, but only the rather limited pool I do know. Brenda Setback, a former classmate of mine, and a nice lady, got her Microcomputer Specialist Diploma. Yay! Way to go Brenda. And presenting it was Steve Lewers, my long-suffering former teacher who endured many traumas at my hands as he tried to pound data into information inside my brain.

I learned a number of things in that class, but the two greatest were probably finally learning to type which took me forever as I am not remotely coordinated, and realizing that computers are doable if you are willing to wade through it while not being afraid of breaking it, because unlike a lawnmower you probably won't.

So congrats to both, student and teacher.


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