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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Hohenwald News: Highway 412

Highway 412 is sloooooowly being improved. Its been over a decade. Perhaps thats because its not a very good idea.

The improvement runs from the town of Mt. Pleasant to Hohenwald instead of from Columbia to Hohenwald. Mt. Pleasant is a fine community, to be sure, but it is not the hub of the area. So we push this expansion like a knife straight at Columbia, and then turn aside to hit the lesser target.

Also, Hohenwald is a great little village. I love it, but I really cannot claim that we need a five lane highway with speeds approaching fifty (wouldn't want to go too fast as it might scare the one other driver in sight) leading into downtown Hohenwald.

Hopefully, I can get up some videologging, and next week you can see the true ridiculousness of the situation. No, I'm not sure what I would do.

Okay, two things. One raise the speed limit. 412 is a major artery for Lewis County. Two, run the line's expansion down to Columbia. And we did not need quite so fine a road as the five lane 45 mph monstrosity we have near the town. Four lanes would have been plenty.


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