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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Hohenwald News: Middle Ages Extravaganza

There are three events in the area for those interested in the Middle Ages. I'm well aware that this is a huge swath of people.

One there is the Rennaissance Faire on each weekend in May with more details on the website linked. Which gentle reader, was a bear to find. I don't know why, but Google and Yahoo were hating me, but eventually I disciplined my two ethereal hunting dogs back to obedience, and they got over their snit, and found what I sought.

And a huge Medieval Event is being held in our backyards. Your humble correspondent hopes to attend Border Raids as hardly any major driving is involved (it is Middle Tenn. after all, and to get anywhere requires some decent amount of driving.)

Come enjoy war the fun way: with your friends!
When? June 24-26, 2005.
Where? At the Cumberland Centre for Medieval Studies
3409 Gillespie LaneColumbia, TN 38401

The website is here. Let me say, I went to one of the huge Society for Creative Anachronism events for my honeymoon. It was a blast. When you come back to the real world, you're first impulse will be to wonder why everyone dresses so funny.

If you like parades, this is frankly better. If you pay $35 bucks at Gatlingburg for a meal and some guys on horseback charging up and down--you're getting gypped. For a SCAdian, this is a labor of love, and of great, patient art.

The first time you see a lady in full court costume curtsy "Milord?", while in the distance you can hear the smack and thwack of wooden sticks smashing into armor, and the thunk of arrows flying to target, and the lady then explains in response to your question that the feast tonight is five courses...Well, you'll be amazed.

Lastly, the local and largest SCA shire (the 'county' in the grand social club that is the Society), Delvingrim is hosting an event at Martin Methodist College in Pulaski on June 18th. There will be a garage sale. (Yay! We plan to donate a large, nay huge needlepoint?? frame, an autographed print of a teddy bear facing off against a monster, a sarong, and some other stuff. Ah, the house is cleaner feeling already.)

There will be mayhem with armored fighters slamming each other around outside, and inside in the air-conditioning will be movies, a children's room, a game room (hmm, wonder if I can run Multiverser?), and a chess tourney. Here's the link.

Hope to see you in the Current Middle Ages.


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