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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Hohenwald News: Mr. Anti-American, Gerhard Schroeder in Trouble

As they say, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Gerard of Germany, the man who gave Bush fits, along with Chirac, just had his last regional government get trashed by the voters, and he is now calling for a new election, early.

This is one of the odder parts of parliamentary democracies from an American point of view. In America, one serves their four years, even if, like President Jimmy Carter, one is incredibly unpopular. In other countries, one is entitled to throw in the towel with much greater ease, or to try to schedule elections so that it benefits your side.

The last is what worries me. Is Gerard really beaten, or does he have a card still yet to be played? Here's hoping that he loses.

Check out Medienkritik and his comments for more on this story.

Then with the Australian re-election of John Howard, the humbling of Muammar Quaddaffi, and the hoped for loss of Germany's leader, there will be a trifecta of examples on what happens to you when you either support the obvious necessity of the neo-con project, and George Bush, or you try to mess with him to save your petty bribery schemes with dictators. People like a strong horse, an evil man said truthfully, and it does look like Mr. Bush is just that.


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