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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hohenwald News: News Portal Updates

One goal of Tales of Tadeusz is to serve as an information portal to the area, and the wider world beyond it for the local community. This is similiar to how I use Instapundit.com for keeping up to date on world-wide events, and the general blogosphere.

One way of looking at this is to see Hohenwald News as a local newspaper. And indeed, I've considered spinning the Hohenwald News segment off to make its own website, but I think I would prefer if I could manage a category system rather than another blogsite.

In any case, to help with this goal, I've added around eight new websites in the local area so that if you need to find out information about Hohenwald, you can simply come here, and then branch out from this central location. If anyone wants to be added to this site, drop me an email, and I check your site out.


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