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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hohenwald News: Opportunities

About ten percent of Hohenwalders are unemployed. This ain't good, but in a perverse way, its an opportunity. I don't know if you would consider me employed.

My hats include the next:
1)Run this blog which may turn into something self-supporting.
2)Write Novels such as Worldwalker and Death of a Blogger.
3)Do Game design like the Temple of the Dying Sun d20.
4)Raise the kids as a SAHM.

What does that mean to you? Well here's an article on the Do-it-yourself economy about people with some skill, lots of time, perseverance, and an idea changing the world, and perhaps making a little money while they are at it. I think the article is unnecessarily downbeat on the making money bit, as I certainly intend to try to make not a great deal, but enough from my efforts, if I can.

Perhaps, for Fortune Magazine, a few tens of thousands is nothing much. I don't think that's it, but whatever it is, I have hope that people can produce their way out of a hole.

The point is, being unemployed is an opportunity to make that "wouldn't it be neat if I could...?" a reality. Granted, finances are almost certainly tight, and so you'd be wise to try to stick to things which don't cost much at all.

But there's a surprising amount of programming on the Net which is absolutely free. This blog is but one example.

It really wouldn't be too hard for a crafts maker to become the #1 Google search on say "antique wooden rocking horses"; or for a town to spread its fame as the "junk capital of the South". Most of it would be a cheap computer, a paltry Net connection, and time and skill to type presentably and directly.

There's more silver ore in this seam to mine, but for now that's it.


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