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Monday, May 16, 2005

Hohenwald News: Perren for Plan B

A regular columnist, Mary Perren, in the Lewis County Herald (which needs a real website) supports a law that would enforce Plan B emergency contraceptive information being given to all women who suffer rape. The problem with this is that Plan B is a "morning-after pill" that may prevent a pregnancy or abort a pregnancy.

There's various hand-waving, an appeal to rural resentments against the city folk getting better medical care, a high-flown appeal to protect women, and a lot of dodging the issue that this is very likely abortion that we would be supporting. Indeed, Ms. Perren says that it is not fair to make women in this emotionally fragile state have to choose to carry the child or have an abortion, but this is her trying to slip past the facts.

Now, you may find abortion to be acceptable, at least in the case of rape, but lets honestly face the issue of what we are doing. And here's a link to the FDA page which discusses Plan B, if you doubt my interpretation.


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