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Friday, May 13, 2005

Hohenwald News: Rural Voices

Once I get my digital video camera working, more accurately, once I learn how to use it, I hope to start a new project titled Rural Voices and Views. This would involve me video-taping various locals who were either doing something interesting, or had a fascinating bit of history to share, or even had some news they would like to impart to the wide world.

I went to Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald, and met a gentleman who builds gazebos, and octagonal tables. I think that getting a video of him putting together a table would be fascinating. And a local mechanic explaining how to do a few little things on your car, such as change your spark plugs would be pretty cool. I'm sure there are other ideas out there as well. Feel free to email me at ericrashley@yahoo.com if you have one.

More about this later...probably me screaming and raving about how evil my digital camera is...


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