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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hohenwald News: Syria is the Latest Domino

Beset by U.S. attempts to isolate his country and facing popular expectations of change, Syrian President Bashar Assad will move to begin legalizing political parties, purge the ruling Baath Party, sponsor free municipal elections in 2007 and formally endorse a market economy, according to officials, diplomats and analysts.

Assad's five-year-old government is heralding the reforms as a turning point in a long-promised campaign of liberalizing a state that, while far less dictatorial than Iraq under Saddam Hussein, remains one of the region's most repressive. His officials see the moves, however tentative and drawn out, as the start of a transitional period that will lead to a more liberal, democratic Syria.

Hat tip to Dean's World; Source at Washington Post.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya giving up its nuclear program, Lebanon, and now Syria--the dominoes are falling, and Democracy is on the March.


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