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Friday, May 20, 2005

Hohenwald News: Tenn State Surplus

Yay! The State of Tennessee has a surplus. Let the party begin! Throw hundred dollar bills out the door. Bring on the wine and the dancing women.

There's two possible courses I might recommend at this point. And one to avoid.

One, send a reminder to the state capitol that we in Hohenwald would dearly like our share of the pork. Pork BBQ sandwich with all the fixings, please...

Consider instead, for plan #2, getting rid of the sales tax on food which would strongly benefit everyone in this community, not just a chosen and lucky few who have connections. This was floated some years back when people were for shackling the still-free citizens of Tennessee into income tax slavery. Lets raise this one tax so we can lower this other.

Well now, my friends, we have a chance to gain even more freedom. Lets abolish the sales tax on food. Help the poor, help the economy, help the puir, pitiful government which doesn't know how to spend the money.

For more info, check out Bill Hobbs.

Addendum: One major advantage of the Blogosphere is that if one makes a mistake, it is easily and prominently corrected. So, the course I do NOT advise is for our city leaders to do nothing. Don't press for a sales tax; don't try for a ladle of gravy...just sit there, and watch the money flow to other municipalities.


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