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Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Life Update

Gigglebox is doing well with picking up new skills, and our teacher is wondering how much more help he is going to need.

We are considering putting Mr. C into 2-day-a-week daycare to give the Stay-at-Home Parental Unit, that would be moi, a chance to revive and clean the house. Then revived I would be able to play more games with the tykes.

Of course it would help if I stayed away from the sugar. Crashed into bed last night after the Ladyfaire got home. Low blood sugar is a pain in the neck. Good side is that it gives me a good excuse to be a major carnivore as protein helps stabilize sugar in your bloodstream--at least for me. I'll talk about that in another post.

The house is getting a massive 'de-clutterization' which makes me, the primary cleaning agent, happy. Too much junk, too little space to put it. And of course, it hurts because some of the stuff we give away is not junk. But if you're never going to use it, or if you have two of something, then why are you keeping it?

Baba aka Grandpa came up today to fix my lawnmower. I'm a real big guy, and I tend to believe that More Force is Better when Dealing with the Stubborn Mule aka the Wal-mart Special Lawnmower. So I snapped the cord. And I broke something in the spinner. And I didn't have it tightened on properly.

So that's why they have all those bolts! Whod'athunkit?

Now it works, and he brought up the roto-tiller. And yes, it has a speed control, and its big and powerful, and I wanted to use it even in the pouring rain. Vroom!

Thanks Dad.


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