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Friday, May 13, 2005

News Editorial from Hohenwald: Human Rights Focus in Iran

Iran is in crisis.

1)Approximately seventy percent of its population is young people. This is an unstable mixture waiting to explode in some way or another. And the Mullahs are preventing more calm explosions; thus building up pressure for a later and larger explosion. Don't believe me? Go to a high school classroom five minutes before it lets out for the day on a spring morning.
2)The gov't is massively unpopular with its own people and the world.
3)The gov't of Iran is scaring people who have really big sticks laying about. That is, threaten the United States and Israel with nuclear weapons, and they will do something about it. And whoever is in the way is not going to be real happy. If I was an Iranian, I'd move out of any town where the authorities were making nuclear weapons. Even with American hyper-precise weapons, the nature of the target may well spread radiological hazzard about.

But this is supposed to be about Human Rights. Why though? From an American point of view, Human Rights offers a chance to let the Iranians fix Iran for us. Its better all around. Even as good as American wizard weapons are, there will still be tragedies. And its cheaper in our expense in blood. Because inevitably some brave American soldiers will die if we invade. And it preserves our forces for dealing with truly intractable problems like North Korea.

So lets not forget Human Rights in the midst of our fear over Iranian Nuclear Weapons. Indeed, they may be the strongest weapon of all since they offer the best help in defeating the Nuclear Afrit.

See Regime Change in Iran for a very good piece on Human Rights.
Hat Tip to Dean's World.


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