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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

News from Hohenwald: Meta-analysis of MEK

Dean Esmay points to Regime Change Iran. This pro-democracy in Iran website objects to the reclassification of MEK by the United States State Department from terrorist to non-terrorist. I'm sympathetic to their aim of a free and democratic Iran, but well, let me analyze their comments and draw some data from them.

1)MEK is Marxist-Islamist. This charge, if true is troublesome. Basic US policy should be aligned with helping our friends, and sticking the shiv in our enemies.

2)Someone said this question #1 collection of philosophies was impossible as systems of thought don't combine so readily. Well perhaps, not for the serious student of philosophy, but the average person has no problem believeing six impossible things before breakfast. And lest people think I'm elitist, often this is a sign of greater grounding in reality. For as Cicero said, and my brother re-discovered independently, there is nothing so silly that a philosopher will not believe it.

3)It is charged that MEK worked for Saddam, and then worked for the US. OK, they're opportunistic. There are worse problems.

4)They are a bunch of old people who have been doing this a long time. Hmm, sounds like a leadership core, to me.

5)They don't have widespread support. Well, usually "Mr Ideal Unnamed Candidate" can beat the choices offered, but the problem is that in the real world, only some people try, and we have to choose from them.

6)They proved they are not good by giving up their weapons to the US to try to curry favor. They are a bunch of kiss-ups to America. Well, you have to understand that from the point of view of the American State Department, this might be regarded as a positive. And this goes a long way to reassuring Americans that they are not a bunch of terrorists.

7)They make married people divorce. Again this is troublesome. Yes, it sounds cultic.

8)They were involved in killing Americans decades ago. Again, a problem.

This Regime Change in Iran website's owner seems to object mostly to MEK getting the interim presidency, but admits that MEK will be at the table. Hmm, I still%2


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