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Thursday, May 12, 2005

News from Hohenwald: Practical Jokes

Fred, from the Columbia Daily Herald's website forum, had him a fine time. He's evidently a regular commenter, and he told the group that Williamson County was set to build a 45 acre theme park. He gave details, even if some of them were a bit fishy, and the other commenters bit hard. Much rejoicing.

Even if it was not in Maury County (our sister county to the East), still it would be a boon for jobs and for entertainment of the good kind. I was happy as well.

But then Fred revealed the joke, and most everyone revealed in good humor how they had been had.

And most people wished it had been true. I wish it had been true. Could we make it true? After all, we have this ridiculous highway suited for thousands of cars.


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