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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Tennesse Writer Update: A Few Points

1) I've decided to rename the Book Updates to Tennesse Writer Updates.
2) You really ought to try John Ringo and Hell's Faire (which is the capstone of his Posleen 'trilogy' of four) if the idea of man-eating aliens invading the Tennesse Valley, and Franklin, Tennessee getting nuked strikes your interest.
3) I still am completing Worldwalker's last chapter; its looking good. I'm happy to say.
4) I'm researching for the book after the next book I write. Its tentatively titled Codeword: Anoniblogger. Its a modern-day thriller about white-hat hackers and bloggers trying to topple repressive governments. And here's a link (Belmont Club) that I need to keep in mind about the camera requirements for a secretive blogger in a foreign land. And here's another link (Insty) for the same purpose. Anyone have any interesting stories of adventures in foreign lands, feel free to post them here.


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