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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tennessee Opportunities: Video Camming for Internet TV

I've been playing a bit with my Veo Advanced Connect web camera today. I've almost got it set up. So this link really strikes home.

...North Carolina cook's program — self-described as an "all-day, whole-hog class edited down to 45 minutes on how to find, select, prepare and serve whole hog from the man who cooks several hundred per year" — will be available for a $1.99 download as early as next month on something called DaveTV.
It's the type of show — niche programming to please any taste or whim — we'll be seeing much more now that broadband Internet has finally become a more reliable conduit for the delivery of broadcast-quality video.

DaveTV out of Atlanta, and several other start-ups are interested in providing a central place where the customer and the video maker can meet, and a small amount of money can change hands. Now, if you already have a digital video camera, and lots of you do, and you have some special competence at a skill, and a reasonable (greatness is not required) vocal delivery then you have a chance to be an Internet TV producer.

Explain the proper way to cook baked beans, or make BBQ, study for a test in geometry, plant hay, catch a fish, skin a deer, or replace a sparkplug. Just please don't do like those morons who jump out of balconies onto tables to demonstrate for one and all suicidal risk-taking. After all, once you make one, and its a hit, the fans will demand a sequel.

Hat tip Insty.


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