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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tennessee Writer Update: Codeworld: Anoniblogger

One issue in Anonymous blogging is using it as a whistle-blower, or as a vent at your corporation while in America. Naturally, corporations hate this. Someone reveals that the latest gizmo is only the last gizmo with a Brand! New! Varnish!, and if they can catch you, they'd use you for a pinata at the office Christmas party. So, you can use an anonymous blogging technique or three, and tell the tale without suffering the martyrdom that too often accompanies truth-telling.

But I also need an innocent company being unfairly maligned, but thats not now.

Now we discuss a company I know and hate. It will serve as inspiration for a whistle-blowing worthy company in my novel. As a Republican and a free market activist, I'm required to believe all companies are inherently decent.

But that's not reality.

Keep in mind that my source for this would be described in a company press release as a "disgruntled employee".

They promised a wage, and then gave two dollars less per hour without warning, and despite repeated attempts to get them to honor their agreement, they didn't.

They sold accuracy, and encouraged fraudulence.

They made a diabetic woman keep on working despite the fact that she was obviously sick.

They reprimanded a young girl for cursing at someone who banged her head with a loaded cash register drawer, not once, but TWICE. Now, me, I think most people would have yelled and screamed after the first time.

They changed hours in the middle of the shift, oftentimes by a great amount.

They expected people to work 23 hrs. straight, and threatened those who didn't.

They regularly used stoners as employees.

In individual, they seemed mostly decent individuals, but in sum, there was suddenly an emergent property which I was not used to smelling. An aura, you could say. Now, I'm not a guy who tends to slam people too much. Perhaps, I'm too understanding. But after a bit, I identified this aura...Evil.

Now, I might say Spiritual Corruption, or simply that the sum of the parts morally speaking was less than the parts by a large step.

In any case, they'll be a fine target in my novel.

Another concept to toss into the stew, and let soak and heat for several months.


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