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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tennessee Writer Update: Immigration Reform

One question that writers frequently get asked is, "where do you get your ideas?"

For me, various sources. For Death of a Blogger, I noted that some of the moonbats out there were pretty freaky scary, and wondered what would happen if one of them won't over the line.

Then I go to a forum where the people talk about anonymous blogging, and suddenly, I have another idea for a blogging novel. Codeworld: Anoniblogger.

In putting together various bits in the current research phase for C: A, I wondered if I could re-task what I wrote of a Y2K novel to be used in C:A. And that got me thinking, perhaps I could use that instead for a novel on Immigration Reform.

Explain the various viewpoints, explain why GWB doesn't just close the border now...hint, it would destabilize Mexico, and we'd have a rogue nation on our border, instead of in the Middle East.

Have a problem with terrorists sneaking into American via way of Mexico.

Have a moral question of how far do you push a group to do the right thing when you know they might not respond favorably, and thus might end your chance to keep pushing.

Have some justifiably ticked off Americans enraged by the open border, and some private border patrols. Have MECHA.

Its a start of an idea.


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