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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Tennessee Writer Update: Murder Mystery Project

I'm working on a project for a murder mystery game. Converting a Multiverser bound game, probably still headed that way, to a Murder Party Game has been interesting. I've made it goofier, and simpler, and more egalitarian. See, the Multiverser game has one hero, could take twenty hours of game play, and was pretty serious (even if with a touch of the funny with all the characters being scrambled up names from famous mystery authors.) The Party game has twelve heroes, is supposed to take 2.5 to 4 hrs. roughly, and has heroes with names like Ambassador Larry Laserblaster who's response to stress involves lots of whimpering.

So I think that I'll be able to use both since they are going to end up considerably different, and they are intended for different niches in the market. But I'll have to clear that with another person or two first.


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