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Monday, May 23, 2005

Tennessee Writer Update: Two New Games

At the storefront, I have a brand-new to the world role-playing adventure for d20, Coup and Countercoup d20, and my Temple of the Dying Sun d20 setting with adventure. The Temple is available at RPG.now, but at this new storefront, you can get it printed which I did not have the other site set up for.

Now, for some reason, the computer took the fact that Ed Carroll co-wrote Temple of the Dying Sun to mean, he also co-wrote Death of a Blogger: An Internet Murder Mystery Novel, but nope, the blame or credit for that one goes to me without him. Not a big deal, and I'll get around to fixing it sometime.

I need to go into Hohenwald today to mail off a copy of my novel to a reviewer. Hopefully, it will be soon, but he has expressly said that he might not get to it, so I can only hope and pray. My other reviewer, Wicker, has received Temple, but considering how long it took me to get it to him, I have no cause to complain.


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