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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Weekly Life Update

We wanted to go to the Pink Cadillac, but with Monster-in-Law :)ugh, showing, and Man of the House, we decided to stay home on Friday night. We re-watched Kiki's Delivery Service, which is a charming anime about a young witch starting up a food delivery service in some European country. Having a flying broom does come in handy.

The next day was the yard sale at PCA in Columbia (or Mommy's Town as I tell Mr. C). We got Gigglebox an electronic sound machine with a mirror which should help him out, and a couple stacks of books that my ladyfair is rereading to the boys right now, and a whatnot shelving system for doll teapots and the like which I'm going to screw to the wall in the kitchen.

We went to Wendy's for lunch, and I had a Mediterranean Salad which was quite good, although the Ladyfaire recommended more feta cheese. Of course, more cheese is almost always good. I may have to buy some feta next time I'm in the store. Mr. C had nuggets and a fruit cup, and a pizza slice which he mooched at the yard sale, and Gigglebox ate chicken and a whole cup of Mandarin Oranges which he really liked.

Gigglebox is getting chubby. Mr. C, we have a hard time getting to sit still to eat, and he runs it off. He's in the normal weight distribution, but unlike most kids his age, he's not chubby.

Then we went off to the Delvingrim meeting of the SCA to be held at Village Pizza. Not only did the owner, originally not know what we were talking about at all, but it turns out that there was a typo in the email, and the event is actually on Sunday. Oh well. It reminds me of the struggles I had at BlogNashville Con trying to find the place, last month.


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