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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Weekly Review Update

We are still cleaning up the house. Its amazing what damage a toddler and a baby can do to the floor in a short period of time.

I just cleaned that up! The cry of parents everywhere as peas and carrots fly from high chairs and get donated to the cat underneath the table, and then smushed beneath busy feet on the way to another cleaning errand.

Another errand was trimming the tree branches with my nifty electric 2.5 hp chainsaw. Its easy to use, and I prefer not having to start it with a pull cord, and I don't go that far afield that I usually need more than one long extension cord. However, its been a real long time since I've been climbing in trees. So with great caution I step off the ladder.

Back in the day, I would have been merrily trying all sorts of things, including hanging upside down forty feet off the ground, but now SUPERCAUTIOUS. And then it turns out I have to go back to the ground and get the saw because the limb I was trying to work loose, after cutting it, needed more cutting.

And of course, all this is near power lines, and threatens my roof (otherwise, I would not have bothered, natch.) But happily, despite my endeavors, I am not cooked, and the electricity still works, and the phone still connects.

Boy, after a bit, the thrill of chain-sawing starts to get to you. Snip, and thump. A huge limb is dropped from the tree, and leafy chains which had threatened the house are gone. Besides, its destruction, power, and with a possibly similiar mood as my three-year-old when he breaks stuff because its fun, I chop limbs off.

Except of course, when I'm wondering if I'm going to be dancing on and perhaps off the roof edge. Or when something unexpected like the snapping of a branch of a tree limb I had been pulling on to make another part of the limb accessible to my saw, and the sudden change in one's balance...but nothing happened except I decided to sit down on the roof's peak, and later saw that it was best I was down for the day.

There will be more limbs to cut another day. I'm kinda looking forward to it.

And Mr. C has been enjoying his waffle with p.b. and banana slices...let me post that recipe.


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