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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Welcome to the Michelle Zone

The question occurs, just what percentage of Michelle's regular visitors are Enterprisers. I am, are you? Check it out with this online quiz, and then report back.

What books and/or thinkers do Enterprisers appreciate?
I like George Gilder, even if my favorite book of his does not really hit the Enterpriser mark. Men and Marriage was a lightbulb experience. But I think he fits this group well.

And what percentage of Enterprisers own their own business, or are otherwise self-employed?
I have a game company, and I'm a writer.

Last question: Would that be better put as the "Michelle Mall" for the alliteration, or since we are all part of her reading network, the "Michelle's Mailroom", or should I just stick to the typical "Zone"?


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