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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Writing Update: Back to the Salt Mines

I've been hammering away at promoting my book (here's the inevitable link), and that takes time and energy from finishing up the next book. My editor, Gabby Girdy, told me that I needed another chapter stuck in the midst of the book to let everyone know what the Nemeses, the bad girl, was into. And it wouldn't hurt she implied if this gave some more clues of the overall plot behind the scenes.

OK, I'm being an obedient writer. The chapter is half-done. Have a spectacular arrival, followed by a thousand foot fall to granite valley floor. Then we go on to solving the problem of how does someone who is innocent of a space-capable rocket, kidnap another person off a Space Station...

Hopefully, within two weeks, this book will be post-editor polished, and the add-on chapter, stuck-on. And then we only wait for the game company I wrote it with permission of to straighten out a few things before I publish again.

Please Don't Stop Me Before I Publish Again...


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