Tales of Tadeusz

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Blog Update: Evolving Upward

Despite not being that enthused by evolutionary theory, I'm glad to say that ToT has ascended upward from a Slithering Reptile to go airborne in a macro-evolutionary burst to reach the air. For I am now a Flabby, err, Flabby Bird. Next stage looks downward to me, that is, the Adorable Rodent.


"Slixxard, darling, can you sit on our egg?"
"Of course, sweetheart." He said grumpily twisting his long, scaly tail over the eggs.


A bird hops out. More precisely a parakeet.

"What on Earth?!? Mrs. Slixxard! What have you been doing at night?"

Its a miracle, err strike that, its a byproduct of totally random chance. Makes sense to me.


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