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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Hohenwald News: 412 Still A Mess

According to the LCH, we still don't have permission to buy the Right of Ways in Lewis County. And while, I don't feel this is the right road, I'd still like to get it done, and then maybe people will see it is the wrong road, and they can then get to work building the right roads.

Whats the right roads you say? So glad you asked.

412 should run straight to Columbia instead of running the expansion to Mt. Pleasant which is an economically depressed area. We're going to create a greater joining of two economically backward areas. Sounds uh, backward to me.

And then we should expand the southern link to the Interstate, I-65, so that instead of crawling along at 55, we can cruise at seventy from Columbia to the Freeway.


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