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Monday, June 13, 2005

Hohenwald News: BREDESEN EXPOSE'!!

Sharon Cobb, who has worked as journalist, is the sort of person to be proud to be compared to Michael Moore. Since Moore is considered by many on both sides of the aisle to be dishonest, this doesn't say much for Ms. Cobb.

She is a liberal.

That said, liberals aren't always wrong.

She calls for Governor Phil Bredesen of Tennessee, my governor, a man I like, to step aside because of TennCare cuts. She says that he deliberately planned to blame the Tennessee Justice Center, run by Gordon Bonnyman, all along, and that his saying he was trying to negotiate is false.

Hmm. I don't know. I'm sure Bredesen would have been willing to deal with the TJC if they bascially gave him most of what he wanted. He might well have not expected that, and always has a more likely Plan B in place if they didn't cooperate. I don't see too much smoke here.

She also says that, as a political strategy, Bredesen planned to re-enroll some people just before the election. Again, I'm not that upset. I expect conniving out of politicians.

She is also troubled that many people did not want to talk about the governor when she tried to interview them for her documentary. Hmm, well, I always thought Bredesen was an effective leader. In other words, he can scare those who oppose him.

Still that is a bit troubling.

She said that she has gotten Bredesen to on-camera agree that his cuts will kill people. Ouch! seems a bit too flippant. Even my cynicism is strained.

She has a 29 minute documentary you can download, but my time and my Net connection are not up to the challenge.

Go here for her article.

Bill Hobbs is trumpetting this on his website, Hobbsonline.com. Thing is, I'm not sure thats such a great idea since Bill and I are Elephants. Bill does bring up another point. Tennessee has enough money laying around that we could tommorrow pay off all our debt with something like 25% of the laying around money. That puts a different perspective on the TennCare problem.

Here's an interesting stat. Remember when the income tax was being discussed and the proponents were crying about the state's bond rating? According to the CAFR, Tennessee's long term debt is $1B with estimated interest over the next 25 years to be $400M. Tennessee could wipe out it's long term debt this year using 25% of the money it is hoarding thus saving the taxpayers $400M in interest. All of the experts agree that being debt free is the optimum financial condition for private as well as government entities. (2004 CAFR, page 59).
So why is Tennessee not debt free?

That is according to the Frog Gigger. What a name, good grief. But his article, click the link, is very informative.


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