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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hohenwald News: European Disunity Heightens

After a contentious summit in which Britain demanded alterations in the Common Agricultural Policy (which helps prop up the French economy) in exchange for its cutting of the rebate it receives for its large payments, and the other side refused, there came more. The Dutch and the French voted "No" to their so-called betters' plan for their lives, the seventy-thousand word (as much as some of my novels, for crying out loud!) European Constitution.

When it was openly noted that people could not understand this monstrosity, and yet it somehow does not manage to mention just once the historic role of Christianity in the formation of Europe, its little wonder that the ordinary person said "NO" as loud as he could.

And now, the backbiters are blaming Britain for causing a serious problem, a change to a deeper level of problem, since the Brits seem to want some open markets, and a slant toward training and innovation. But the British, led by the redoubtable Tony Blair, are standing firm.

It also helps that Britain is next in line to hold the presidency of the EU. But already people are warning Blair not to try to enforce Britain's views. Hmm, that makes sense. I'll run for office as a city counsellor, and then put into practise not my own views, but the views of the guy who lost...Wait where was I?

Oh, must have drifted off to Bizzarro Land. A place visited by those in need of medication, or a firm talking too. But I suppose an elegantly raised eyebrow, and a drawled "Really now", a most graceful English dismissal might do the trick.

So lets raise a cheer for the British.


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