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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hohenwald News: Fisking Stanley James

I don't know who this gentlemen is, but he gets a couple inches space in the Lewis County Herald to spray Democratic kool-aid down the throats of coma patients.

It's hard to put too much faith in President Bush's pledge to reduce the budget deficit, which could be reduced ten, fifteen, or twenty billion dollars, and still be too high, with record deficits.

Okay Mr. James, lets start with the ceremonial cleaning before the dumping into the pot, hmmh?

1. Bush gets into trouble for many things, but one of his chief faults is that he Does What He Says. Indeed one commentator advocated simply checking Bush's public statements as the most reliable method of figuring out what this White House will do. Of course, those who don't like Bush call this stubbornness, or pig-headedness, or lack of intellectual curiousity, but we are talking about determination and honesty.

2. Record deficits. Well, back in the day when you ran a lemonade stand, dear readers, if someone had told you that you would be in debt for tens of thousands of dollars you would have panicked. But now you are, and of course, its a struggle, but then you're also making a bit more than a lemonade stand, we can hope, at least. Such it is with the US economy.

Its grown year by year, so year by year we could have larger deficits without having any larger percent increase.

Could the president possibly accomplish this if he continues the expenditure of hundreds of billions in Iraq, and in other foreign ventures?

Well consider that 9/11 hit us for about a trillion dollars in economic damage, and that having Atlanta burnt again, this time by a nuclear bomb, would hurt us far worse than that, and you might begin to see that Bush's insurance against that, and his investment in a more secure and broad-based economy is actually good financial sense.

And if his budgets do get a bit out of hand, as I think they do, I think I know where to put a lot of the blame. On people who keep carping that Bush is not spending enough on their favorite project. You know, he hasn't had a single veto. I think he's buying the right to defend the nation by giving the spendthrifts access to the treasury.

And since we're not a dictatorship, such trade-offs are a necessary evil. And while I like Bush a lot, I don't want him to have enough power to stop that. Those who think he does, or should, are proclaiming that they want Bush to be Dictator.


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