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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Hohenwald News: Flag-burning Amendment

I'm not really that enthused either way about this amendment. It would serve some useful purposes, mostly rubbing the Left's face into the gravel, and forcing them into openly illegal acts of unpatriotic behavior that they could then be jailed for.

Y'see, many on the Left are patriots who are mistaken about how to win, but a goodly (or is that evilly?) number are traitors to America. Now my patriotism is pretty utilitarian (I suspect this is a character flaw, but I have real issues with trusting organizations), and as such, if someone came along with a genuinely better idea than America, I'd probably sign on pretty quickly. Problem is, for would-be utopians and world dictators is that the latest brilliant insight which will lead us all to utopia is just another tired retread, been tried, failed, tried, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

And as Mark Steyn points out here, one of the useful side effects of allowing flag-burning is that it so clearly demonstrates just who is who. You burn the American flag, and you pretty clearly demonstrate that we want to do the opposite of whatever you say (its just a general guideline, I won't stop eating hamburgers just cause some nut also does so.) But I think I demonstrated in my first paragraph that the effect of the FBA would be the "flypaper theory" of hunting terrorists applied to domestic politics. Every worthless nut who hated America would feel compelled to test this law, and then once they got their thirty days in jail, they might reconsider this whole Revolution Thing, Man.

Hmm, reading Steyn made me support the Nays, but then this is slanting me toward the Ayes.

On the other hand, an insufficient punishment will only make heroes of the Left Thirty Day Men. So, we could slap them all with ten dollar fines, and a day in jail, or we could put them in for longer.

I'm tending myself to a realist, "stability" here, which worked real well (insert sarcasm) in the Middle East giving us such friendly nations as the House of Wahabi and the Mad Mullahs.

Perhaps we do need to call the Left out. I mean they are going nutszo here. It might be time to manifest the cluebat, and say "I expect decent behavior, or else."


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