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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hohenwald News: Glenn Reynolds on the State of the War

While Prof. Reynolds faults Pres. Bush for inadequate efforts to explain that we are at war, and suggests that asking people to sacrifice with say war bonds might be a good thing; he goes on to fault the other side for putting their own personal political objectives above the good of the nation.

He also supports the analysis, as I do, that the war is going fairly well. Weariness is not defeat, its merely weariness. Stephen Den Beste was tired of the election many months before, and yet his candidate won. We, it seems to me, have to keep pressing on as more and more fruits of our labor have sprouted, and now hang from the tree.

Some are full and luscious, but most are still green and tart, but they are there, and growing, and its hardly time to burn the orchard down, or unleash hungry foxes amongst the trees because keeping the barbed wire fence taut is too much trouble.

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